Patwell Pharmaceutical History

With education and training as a pharmacist, combined with over twenty years of experiences accrued within the pharmaceutical industry, including, but not limited to, positions within data management, CRA functions, Clinical QA, medical affairs and leading project management of pharmaceutical supplies, David Popplewell established Patwell Pharmaceutical Solutions, LLC in January of 2003 in Coatesville, PA. In May of the same year, Patwell began operations with the goal of providing full-service packaging and labeling services for clinical trial material.

In the interim, Patwell qualified GMP suppliers to provide automated primary packaging services to supplement Patwell’s unique customer focused clinical labeling and distribution services. Secondary packaging, labeling and distribution services are performed at Patwell’s facility. Patwell’s staff quickly expanded to a maximum of 25 members, as we had profound growth in warehousing, cold storage and secondary packaging and labeling services.

Some 12 years later, Patwell is still located in its original location in Coatesville, PA and has worked closely with, and continues to work closely with, numerous companies and contract manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers, while remaining a single member LLC with no legal partnerships or agreements with any other companies.


Patwell will always offer reliable, consistently high quality pharmaceutical related services to the pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry. Patwell will deliver an unmatched level of practical experience and technical know-how.  Customer confidentiality and ethical precedence will always be our standard.  Our customers will appreciate that in their dealings with Patwell we are always professional. Ultimately our interaction results in solutions that prove to be beneficial. Patwell will be an excellent place to work- a professional environment that is challenging, rewarding, creative, and respectful of ideas and individuals.


  • 20,000 square footprint
  • 92,400 cubic feet of controlled room temperature (CRT) (20° C to 25° C) storage which has 2000 pallet/shelving locations for storage
  • 4400 cubic feet (648 shelf locations) of walk-in refrigerated (2 °C to 8 °C) storage
  • 800 cubic feet (500 shelf locations) of walk-in freezer (-10 °C to -25 °C) storage
  • 26 cubic feet of ultra-low (-65 ° to -85 °C) storage
  • Five secondary packaging rooms
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Full emergency backup generator