Traditional Secondary Packaging – all dosage forms

  • Stability packaging
  • Parenteral labeling
  • Device labeling
  • Sachet/pouch labeling
  • De-labeling and re-labeling

Patwell ensures safe delivery of your temperature-controlled products worldwide. We can accommodate a wide range of environmental conditions to protect your clinical trial materials during transit both domestically and internationally.

Available Storage Conditions:

  • Controlled Room Temperature (20° to 25°C)
  • Walk-in Refrigerators (2° to 8°C)
  • Walk-in Freezers (-10° to -25°C)
  • Walk-in Deep Freezer (-20° to -40°C)
  • Ultra Low Freezers (-70°C or Colder)

Patwell Pharmaceuticals solves complex clinical trial supply problems for biotech and pharmaceutical companies such as limited drug supply, time constraints and mid-study changes. We offer a unique blend of traditional and innovative services that can significantly shorten timelines, reduce costs and improve outcomes for clinical studies.